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Dennis Gagomiros
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  » Jul 17, 2024  


Dennis Gagomiros


Dennis Gagomiros

Dennis has been acting on stage, television and film for over two decades. On television he has appeared on Blue Bloods, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Sopranos and in multiple roles on a number of New York based soap operas. His latest film role was as Frank Gifford in The Lennon Report. Equally adept at comedy and drama, he has performed in many Regional and Off-Off-Broadway theatres playing lead roles in such plays as The Taming of the Shrew, Oedipus Rex, True West, Luv and others. He has been a member of Red Earth Ensemble and, most recently, The Drilling Company working out of the 78th Street Theatre Lab. You can see his full resume here.


in focus 

The Lennon Report hits the festival circuit with screenings leading off The Beverly Hills Film Festival, and also at The Boston Film and Newport Film Festivals.

Click "more >>" to see the teaser on YouTube...

Or click here to read article.

I play The Manager of a 60s Las Vegas era casino, who forcefully asks losing gambler Sammy Paradise, played by Tim Robinson, to please leave.

Watch on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80073289

...or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkRl8fwkaqw

Watch Member Meredith Post's Web Series The Grass Is Always Greener Now on Vimeo

I'll be portraying Frank Gifford, broadcasting Monday Night Football in the booth with Howard Cosell and the rest of the crew on the night that John Lennon was assassinated. Got my work cut out for me. Looking forward to it.

I'll be playing a Serbian-American FBI Agent working with the NYPD to take down a Serbian gang involved in human trafficking and sex slavery.

You can find the episode here. Or see the clip of my scene here.

What a great experience this has been. I absolutely loved everything about this production - the cast, creative team, producers, the theatre, itself, the audiences ... and I can't think of anything else. Big thanks to Stephen Kaliski, Harriet Lynde, Roger Mannix, Lori Kee, Maggie Lowe, Jeremiah Maestas, Eric Vigdorov, Peri Grabin Leong, Jessica Greenberg, Marissa Kaugars, the two Meaghans and everyone else involved for making this as enjoyable an experience as it could possibly have been.

Here's to another future run ...

I'm excited to have been cast in Leegrid Stevens' The Twelfth Labor along with old friends Lynne McCollough, Michael Huston and Cynthia Babak.

I'm in a video portion of this multimedia multicultural production. I play a Greek-American representative of a chain of organic health food grocery stores moving into the Bronx, displacing the local bodegas. In the role I'm interviewed twice by Emmy Award winning journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell.

There's an announcement on Broadway World here.

More info and a link to purchase tickets can be found by following the "more" link to the right.

I've been cast as Arthur Duncan in the first production of Nicky Silver's "Pterodactyls" in NYC in 20 years.

The short film I shot last December, 2012

VISIBLE, a short film - TRAILER from Max S. Pham on Vimeo.

I'll be in a reading of this intriguing new play @Working Theater, 3/16. Come on down Broad Channel by James Bosley

Began shooting Stephen Bittrich's new webseries Off Off. It's just a lot of fun to work with an entire group of people you've known, respected and worked with for many years. I'm playing Derrick, the wardrobe and props guy.

:-) I'm in a reading of the End of Days Plays at Brooklyn Winery. I love these quickie one-offs. Erin Mallon has created this once a month drink/write/read/perform/drink weekends. And they're usually really a lot of fun.

I just finished a print ad on June 3rd for the cholesterol lowering drug, Livalo.

The production company (LNA PRODUCTIONS) and agency people (DRAFTFCB) were really great, as was the photographer, Grant Delin.

Thank you to Erica & Bernadette at Avalon Artists/BMG Models in the big NYC

Starring in "Jubilation, Mississippi" by Stephen Bittrich, directed by Katie McHugh.

The Drilling Company

Runs Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ 8pm; Sunday @ 2pm
5/12 - 15
5/19 - 22
5/26 - 29

Shot a print job for Punch Cigars. Got to work with a really great photographer, Sandro Miller (http://www.fbphotomagic.com/index.php). Donna Grossman (a sweetheart - http://www.donnagrossmancasting.com/) did the casting and David Brassiri & John Olsen were the Producers from Agent16 (http://www.agent16.com/).

If you get a chance, check out Sandro's photos from Cuba.

(photo is from the casting session, not the actual shoot)

I was cast by the Fundamental Theater Project in a reading of The Elephant by Kate Howard as part of their Mass Rhetorics Festival at the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan. The reading will take place April Fool's Day. Seriously.
(Click More to be taken to the Mass Rhetoric information page on Fundamental's website)

Having a great time and getting good reviews for my work as a struggling and corrupt corporate exec type in Johnnie Walker Black, who's trying to get his ex-brother-in-law, the editor of a large influential newspaper, to "write a few friendly pieces" about what the company's doing to clean up the environmental disaster they recently caused on the Missouri River.

From nytheatre.com: "The cast is often top-notch, particularly Dennis Gagomiros and David Sedgwick, who give exceptionally grounded, gritty performances."

Click the More button to read more ...

Here's some footage from a Brooklyn College student film I shot last December, 2009. It was a most enjoyable process, and I believe it came out surprisingly well.



Click "more" to watch the video on YouTube.


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